Readings for the Beach

I'm packing for the upcoming trip to the beach. For me some light and fun reads is a must for vacationing on the beach. Some of the books I just got and some I'm planning to re-read. Here is my list.

1. Love Style Life by Garance Dore

This seems to be the "It Book" right now. The author Garance Dore has a fantastic blog I adore. I have seen so many recommendations from various sources. I just picked this one up and is eager to dig in.

I love this book! I have read this book more than three times. This book has helped me define my style, and not to be a pray of trend. Not that I love rules, but some principles could really help one find her/his true personal style. Every time I read this book, I find something new. And now it's a good time to re-read this one. Plus, I love the illustrations in this book! And a few other books by Nina Garcia that I have read and loves:

3. The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

I first read this book when I was still a student. It was a required reading for one of the classes. I liked it but nothing more. Now that I am doing design myself, I started to realize how insightful this book was. I will read it agin.

I own the set and she is on book 4. It took me long enough to get through the first three. I have watched all 5 seasons of shows but the wait for a new season is agonizing... I heard the book and show diverged a bit towards the end of last season, so I'm going to find out.

My dear readers, what are your beach reads? Do you have any other recommendations?


  1. One of my favorite things in life is to read at the beach!Great choices!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Natalie! I'm so happy you liked it! I love your style, so energetic and versatile! Do you mind if I do some illustrations based on your style?

  3. Interesting choices in beach reads! I've been watching Game of Thrones but haven't had the time to read the novels yet... am going to next! Love your drawings also!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I checked out your website and love it! I'm looking forward to Kestan's Spring Summer 2016 collection!


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