Sunday Reads

For me, a perfect Sunday looks like this: sleep until the sun climbs above my head, get up and walk to my favorite bakery to get some freshly baked croissant, and then turn around and grab a latte at my favorite coffee place, and then take a stroll around the lively neighborhood. In the afternoon, I would cuddle up in the couch, enjoy some readings, and do some sketching.

I spent my last Sunday exactly like that. I had picked up a few books prior and I enjoyed reading them. I'd like to share a few that I really love.

1. Love, Loss and What I Wore (featured in the sketch above)
What a little gem that moved me to tears! It is such a simple book, no more than 140 pages, with an illustration on the right of each turn and a story of each illustration on the left. She illustrated the clothes her mom made for her, the dress she wore to a date with her crush, the "going-out" shoe, the drug store make-up, her wedding dress, and clothes she borrowed from her best friends. Through the illustrations of the clothes she wore, she told the stories of her life, elegantly, touchingly and succinctly.

The illustrations in the book are beautiful. Ilene might not be the most skilled illustrator, but each illustration is so vivid, full-of-details and touching. It reminds me of why I started illustrating - discovering little things that touches me everyday, remembering moments that passes by so fast, and telling stories that reminds me of the beauty of life.

2. 100 Unforgettable Dresses
I got this book just from looking at its title and cover. Who wouldn't like a book filled with beautiful dresses? And the selection of dresses turned out to be pretty impressive! Some of the dresses I have never heard of, like the safety pin gown Elizabeth Hurley once wore. Some of the dresses I'm already familiar with but captured in a different angle. This books can serve as a reference book for different dress styles, and a bit of fashion history.

There are a few other books featuring 100 dresses, like this one illustrated by Megan Hess and this one illustrated by Erin McKean. Have you read any of these? Would you recommend?

Have a good weekend everyone!


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